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You probably aren’t too interested in my list of qualifications, and that’s fine. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you just want to choose someone you sense can genuinely help. So here’s a quick story about me…

I was always a sensitive and empathic child, with big feelings about everything. I’d escape the noise around me by diving into magical storybooks and wonder at the way things would always work out in the end. I loved the intimacy offered by the author; being invited into their imagination, and taking whatever I found helpful there, putting it to use in my own life.

Of course, growing up, there was less time for such literary indulgence, but the threads of alchemy and transformation through subconscious means stayed with me. On several occasions, I was guided to discover the world of hypnotherapy and it didn’t disappoint. I’d found a gentle, quiet and yet profoundly powerful tool for coming back to wholeness. Since then, I have developed many wonderful therapeutic tools and witnessed everyday miracles in those I help.

I’m now a parent to two school-age children, and my initiation into motherhood has served to deepen my understanding of life; what it means to guide someone whilst honouring their uniqueness. As babies, we are pure love and innocence. I cannot view anyone as broken; it’s just the struggle and resistance to our basic human nature. As one of my mentor’s often says, “Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens through you.” (Derek Rydall)

I have cultivated a multi-decade blend of learning through formal study, self-discovery and counselling, and my clinical practice with clients and supervisees. I honour my ongoing professional and personal development with regular training and receiving my own therapies.

I wouldn’t expect you to invest in yourself and your therapy without me making
investments in myself every year.

When I relax and allow life to reveal its purpose in me, I see where to move forward and where to let go. I’ve learned to trust in this process. It has inspired me to take my work outdoors into green spaces and quiet beaches. Here we can develop a closer connection to our truest selves and our Source energy. Nature supports me to give and receive, to show up consistently in my life without fear of burnout. I can show you this, too.

Other things that light me up are friendships, laughter, yoga and good food. Cats, cosy reading corners and crackling fires all fill up my cup of well-being.

And if you did actually want to know about my qualifications, here you go:

A selection of certificates

My studies in Psychology began in 1993 and I graduated from the University of Kent with a BSc(HONS) in Psychology. There, I also trained with Niteline, a guidance and listening service for the public. Soon after, I began my training in Counselling.

In 1998 I chose Hypnotherapy and trained with EICH in 2000 for my Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (DHP). After a number of years, I became a supervisor and conducted Training Analysis with newly qualified therapists. I also earned specialist diplomas in Psycho-Sexual Dysfunction, the Easibirthing Method and Hypno-Fertility.

I then took a break of a few years to raise my children and focus on writing, yoga and further study in energy psychology, sensitivity and trauma, the terrain model, body consciousness and the universal laws, which have added a new dimension to my current work.

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