Here’s why I’m so passionate about your journey…

As a sensitive and empathic child, I had big feelings about everything. I’d escape the noise by diving into magical storybooks and feed my imagination and belief in a good, just world. The outside world, by contrast, felt harsh and often cold and confusing.

As I grew up, I developed a thirst for learning how people function on a deeper level, to help me predict and navigate the twists and turns. I soon realised that I had some emotional healing to do alongside my training in psychology, counselling and hypnotherapy, so I committed many hours to receiving personal therapy, plus top quality supervision in my own work as a hypnotherapist and coach.

I’m now a mum to two school-age children, and my initiation into motherhood deepened again my understanding of life; what it means to guide someone with empathy whilst honouring their uniqueness. I cannot view anyone as fundamentally broken; it’s really the struggle and resistance to embracing our wholeness, where parts of us have been shamed into hiding. As one of my mentor’s often says, “Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens through you.” (Derek Rydall)

I’ve cultivated a multi-decade blend of learning through formal training, self-discovery and my own deep research into areas like health, science and cultural influences, plus thousands of hours of clinical practice with clients and supervisees.

I wouldn’t expect you to invest in yourself and your therapy or coaching without me making
big investments in myself every year.

This decade since 2020 has further developed my understanding about how comprehensively we are controlled by external figures of toxic authority when we have unresolved trauma and emotional distortions within. This awakening has continued to revolutionise the way I work, bringing truth to the forefront, such that we no longer coast along on vague, perhaps comforting yet deeply disempowering beliefs, but we clarify our understanding through all layers, from the personal and interpersonal to the cultural, so that we can make choices from a morally sound and uncorrupted place inside ourselves.

With this, when I relax and invite life to reveal its calling in me, I see where to move forward and where to let go. I’ve learned to trust in this process. It inspired me to work with my local clients outdoors in green spaces and quiet beaches for our sessions. Here we can feel a closer connection with ourselves and our source energy. Nature, the only genuinely uncorruptible source of truth, supports me to show up consistently in my life without overwhelm or burnout. I can show you this, too.

Other things that light me up are valued friendships, spontaneous laughter, yoga, simplicity and real food. Cats, cosy reading corners and crackling fires all fill my cup of well-being.

And if you want to know about my qualifications:

I began studying Psychology in 1993 and graduated from the University of Kent with a BSc(HONS) in Psychology. Whilst there, I trained with Niteline, a guidance and listening service for the public. Soon after, I began my training in Counselling, but I felt sure there must be a faster, deeper way to help people with unconscious blocks.

I found Hypnotherapy and trained with EICH in 2000 for my Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (DHP). After a number of years, I became a Supervisor and conducted Training Analysis with newly qualified therapists. I also earned 3 specialist Diplomas in Psycho-Sexual Dysfunction, the Easibirthing Method of hypno-birthing, and in Hypno-Fertility.

I then took a break of a few years to raise my children and focus on writing, yoga and further Coaching training, and deeply explored the topic of sensitivity and how our past and present emotional trauma controls us, which have added so much value to my current work.

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