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“Evolve” – a 12 week 1:1 Programme

I’ve created a powerful system to guide you through your major life transition, align with your values, set healthy boundaries, integrate any fragmented parts and fulfil your vision for what life is really about and why you’re here. Via Zoom or in-person.

Outdoor-based Therapy

I believe that our best work happens when we feel supported, connected and inspired. For me, and for many other sensitive souls, being in nature provides this beautifully. Just as we can be adversely affected by a negative environment, we can also thrive when the conditions are right. This is known as differential susceptibility. In practice, it means that by choosing our surroundings carefully and purposefully, we are setting ourselves up for greater success.

… Some days, the beach feels right – the water creating a ‘blue mind’ effect, and the tides reflecting our own ebbs and flows. Other times, we explore woodland whilst navigating the inner terrain of feelings. Strolling through parks and rose gardens offers an uplifting mood, with beautiful landscapes of colour and thoughtful design.

Between us, we will choose where and when feels ideal for the session, and the pace can be varied from striding along purposefully to ambling, and resting on benches, enjoying the views. There are no formal seating arrangements, walls or waiting rooms to negotiate. The space belongs to both and all.

Skype or Zoom sessions

For some, getting out of the house is unmanageable. Childcare, unpredictable weather, location and work hours can make it tricky to find the right therapist in your right area. If you prefer not to use video calling, that’s fine. Some sensitive people find it over-stimulating and prefer the good old telephone (not suitable for deep hypnosis sessions). Either way, you save time and money travelling to your appointment and you can be comfortable in your pj’s if you like!


Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness we dip into several times a day. When we become engrossed in an absorbing story or film (or even daydreaming) or the mundane journey to work, we’re less aware of our surroundings but we have the resources to become alert and react if needed.

In hypnotherapy sessions, as your thoughts shift from your normal state of consciousness (beta), you move into a restful alpha state. For some people, this is enough to allow changes in their thinking patterns, but we can also deepen the experience by entering the state known as theta, associated with the subconscious mind, dreaming and some types of meditation. Time distortion is common, where an hour can seem like just a few minutes. Relaxation isn’t even a requirement, but it adds to the enjoyment.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

The subconscious mind deals with emotion and primal instincts for safety, rather than logic. It’s also where memories are stored – some forgotten or even repressed since childhood. As we go through life, it takes either time and repetition to change a long-held belief, or a powerful and unexpected event can sometimes shift our perspective (because the mind briefly enters the receptive state needed for learning). But a simpler way is to harness hypnosis to resolve any conflict between your conscious desires for change and what your subconscious will allow. It’s a wonderfully natural way to create new realities for yourself, from the comfort of an armchair. 

Waking hypnosis explained

It is also possible to create a gentle hypnotic state whilst walking and talking. This is ideal for athletes and hypno-birthing mums, who need to keep moving and responding to their situation but also want to command focus and harmony with their bodies. Because a lot of the work I do with clients is outdoors and walking, we often use hypnosis in this way to relax into the scenery and access a deeper focus. Plus, walking has the benefit of helping both sides of your brain communicate more effectively, so that you experience more powerful insights during your walks.


The who, what and where of your therapy is an important choice. For example, some people may be ideal for my 12 week package (in person or online), and others who travel long distances to see me benefit from a 3-hour mini-retreat/breakthrough session. Before we can make any decisions on the best methods for you (and from there, your investment), I give a free 30-minute consultation to see whether we would be a good fit. This can be in person or via telephone or Zoom/Skype. Please either email me to arrange a time at or call me on 07867 518470.

There’s no obligation to proceed from the free consultation, but I’ll explain what I believe is the ideal next step for you, including referral suggestions if appropriate.

When you book a therapy session with me, I put aside that time solely for you. If you need to cancel, please give as much notice as possible, to allow others access to the appointment time. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, a cancellation fee  will be charged – the cost of that session. 

If severe weather warnings threaten to spoil our outdoor session, I’m happy to switch (in advance) to a Zoom or Skype session, or reschedule if necessary. Saying that, there’s lots to be learned from experiencing all weather, just as we aim to accept the full range of emotions we feel, so I do recommend you embrace the four seasons.

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