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Hi, I’m Catherine.

I’m on a mission to help highly sensitive people feel understood and valued in a deeply distorted world, and crucially, to understand and value themselves. Get clear about and comfortable with your true nature, your relationships and choices, so you can experience connection and joy again, and live a life of meaning and fulfilment.

Maybe you’re everybody’s listening ear, helping hand and shoulder to cry on. You’re considerate, loyal and empathic, and you make life easier for those around you.

But your own cup is drained and you feel overlooked in your relationships. You’re trying All The Things to cope with demands, whilst shrinking your own world to a more manageable size. 

You can’t remember the last time you felt safe and supported, and your energy is fizzling out. Maybe you’ve even lost hope that inner peace and calm is possible anymore. 

You are not alone! Lots of people are waking up to the misery and secret resentment they’ve been trying to squash down. Your sensitivity needs acknowledging and nurturing into health.

Now is the time to reconnect with the hidden magic it holds for you – both personally and in your relationships. The world needs sensitivity! And it’s time to reconnect with your dreams.

Here’s the thing:

Life is an energetic flow. We receive and give this currency (ourselves and our emotions) all the time. But sometimes we spend every last drop making other people happy so that we can feel safe, rather than investing that energy where it is most needed – in our life. We do this unconsciously, giving away our power, taking on the emotions of others and feeling exhausted! 

When we accept responsibility only for what is ours, we make room for others to grow too! You get to welcome back the parts of yourself you left behind over the years, and remember who you truly are.

I had never heard of the term “HSP” or highly sensitive person before 2018, but wow, it was great to see sensitivity being appreciated at last. I devoted the following years to figuring out how best to harness my skills and observations to make the most of this quality. I’ve observed how our sensitivity can become distorted and skew our perspectives, or it can be clarified and allow us to thrive. And now I help my clients get results they’d never dreamed of before!

What others have said:

“Working with Catherine has provided a MUCH longed for breakthrough which truthfully, I wasn’t even sure I could manage despite a lot of previous effort, work and determination. I am seeing the abilities I suspected I had but couldn’t access begin to present themselves. These include emotional poise, confidence, clarity, the ability to hold myself well in relationships, more focus and power, self worth, self love and more.” – Iris (previous client)

“Had a massive breakthrough today. Wednesday cleared a load of stuff subconsciously. I can do things more organised and more easily and I’m able to stick to the task more easily. Bless you. You are very in tune with your clients and make a real effort to prep yourself to understand them as well as you can and this manifests so clearly in your work. It’s like you’ve always known me. You gave me so much to think of and to organise in a better way.” – Rob (existing client)

“Thank you for today. I always come away feeling better about me and the world because there are souls/spirits like you in it.” – Barbara (existing client)

“Catherine is very intuitive and very sincere. She will listen and encourage you and never judge you. I would 100% recommend her.” – A. F. (previous client)

“Wow Catherine. What makes you so special to me, since the very first time I read a post of yours on FB is this amazing synchronicity. You seem to always come with the stuff I am dealing with and I am truly extremely grateful for your help.” – Gratia B (prospective client)

“She’s so passionate about helping HSP women. Suzannah Safwat (Holistic therapist & Yoga teacher)

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