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Hi, I’m Catherine.

I’m on a mission to help highly sensitive women feel understood and valued in a world that doesn’t think or feel this way, and to understand and value themselves. I help you take your power back, so you can feel joy again and live the life you want.

Let me tell you what I know…

You’re everybody’s listening ear, helping hand and shoulder to cry on. You’re considerate, loyal and empathic, and you make life easier for those around you.

But your own cup is empty and you feel overlooked in your relationships. You’re trying All The Things to cope with the noise and demands around you, whilst shrinking your own world to a more manageable size. 

You can’t remember the last time you felt perfectly safe and supported, and your energy is fizzling out. Maybe you have even lost hope that inner peace and calm is possible for you. 

And here’s what I believe…

You are not alone! Lots of women are waking up to this misery and secret resentment they’ve been trying to squash down. Your sensitivity needs acknowledging and nurturing into health. Now is the time to understand your gift and reconnect with the hidden power it holds for you – both personally and in all your relationships. The world needs more sensitivity!

Because here’s the thing:

There is energy all around and within us. We receive and give this currency all the time. But sometimes we spend every drop of it making other people happy so that we can feel safe, rather than investing that energy where it is most needed – in us. We do this unconsciously, giving away our power, taking on the emotions of others and feeling exhausted! 

When we learn to be conscious, we master being in the flow and we are in charge of our energy! Working with self-compassion allows us to live in the same abundance as nature does. You get to welcome back the parts of yourself you left behind over the years. Re-member who you truly came here to be.

How do I know? Because I‘ve walked this path…

“Catherine is very intuitive and very sincere. She will listen and encourage you and never judge you. I would 100% recommend her.” ~ A. F. (previous client)

“She’s so passionate about helping HSP women. Suzannah Safwat (Holistic therapist & Yoga teacher)

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