Shifting Seasons

1:1 support exactly when and how you need it most

Shifting Seasons

A truly bespoke blend of empathic coaching, emotional management and accountability support to clarify the chaos and confusion inherent in navigating a major life change. Via Zoom, this is a space for you to be heard and validated, resolve any conflicting desires or values, bounce ideas around, process the emotions that arise, and plan for a more positive outcome.


To see if this is right for you, I offer a free 30-60 minute Zoom call. We’ll explore your situation and bring clarity to what you need – whether that’s to sign up with me or pursue another avenue.

"Where do I go from here?"

Have you been contemplating a big shift in your life circumstances? Have you woken up and found yourself in the midst of change and upheaval? Or are you struggling to process and adapt to a new situation?

At times of great change, it can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you, and circumstances are altering rapidly while you’re just trying to find your feet. It’s tempting to bury your head and allow yourself distraction from decisions and actions you must take, and you wish there could be someone to hold your hand so you needn’t face all of this alone.

Does this sound familiar?

  • "Am I even ready for this?"

    Even if the change was your idea, it can be a shock to wake up to the reality of everything that needs to be done and felt.

  • “What should I focus on first?”

    There's so much to attend to and you need clarity on what to tackle and when.

  • “How can I make my feelings understood?”

    Well-meaning friends and family may offer their advice or try to cheer you up instead of giving you the time to express your deeper feelings and fears, and may be too close to your situation to give the support you need.

  • “Why am I second-guessing myself?”

    In all big decisions, there can be an element of hesitation and doubt. Distinguishing between genuine concerns and conflicting desires feels beyond your reach right now.

  • “What does my future hold for me?”

    Glimpsing into your future may fill you with dread as you project fears and old stories you've carried throughout your life. You wonder how long it will take to get used to this new chapter in your life.

You don't need to go through this alone!

It’s time to step into a new energy of being able to receive loving support and guidance. Together we can attend to all the moving parts of your transition, building your courage and resilience along the way.

Imagine if you could:

Reach out whenever you need help…

Knowing that someone is holding space for you and championing you along.

Make clarified decisions quickly and with confidence…

Attending to the deeper truths and honouring the wisdom in your emotions to know what is right for your journey.

Manage the rollercoaster of emotions…

Learning to calmly anticipate some of the likely ups and downs, and regulate yourself more rapidly in the moment.

Use a simple system for prioritising tasks…

You have a selection of tools available to help you be more effective and productive with your time, avoiding unnecessary overwhelm.

Practise those difficult conversations…

Hone your communication on matters of importance to you, so that you can work towards a winning outcome and avoid unhelpful battles.

Find a new level of acceptance…

Whether or not you chose this path, making peace with your current circumstances inside of a bigger picture of possibility can bring welcome moments of peace to your day.

Shifting Seasons

Introducing my 3 month container of bespoke 1:1 support

We work with any mental and emotional challenges that arise for you during this time of deep transition in your life.

Here’s what you get in Shifting Seasons:

  • 6 private coaching sessions with me via Zoom over a 3 month time span, tailored to your unique circumstances. You can take these hourly sessions all in one week (or even in a day if I have the availability!) or space them out as you feel is needed.
  • Access to selected resources including my worksheets and audios, and links to further information and tools as required to further support you between sessions.
  • Access to my priority calendar with expanded options for session times.
  • My dedication to you and companionship for every step of the way.

This container is for you if you’re facing some important changes in your life, and you need to create more calm, clarity and confidence to emerge stronger and ready to thrive.


You anticipate things getting a bit overwhelming or confusing, perhaps triggering deeper feelings of guilt or resentment in ways that could impact how you show up for the challenges ahead.


Even the best laid plans tend to involve a few curve balls, and instead of lying awake at night ruminating, you want someone to talk it through with… someone who isn’t biased or manipulative or just unable to be supportive in ways you need.


This offer is not ideally suited to working through deep, ongoing trauma and PTSD. Where this is the case, we can discuss alternative options.


Also not suitable for children under 18 years.

In times of change, we crave continuity and stability, and a sense of not being alone.

Also there’s a tendency for circumstances to shift radically and rapidly, forcing quick decisions under pressure.


For this reason, I’ve created an offer with fast and flexible access to me as needed, giving you peace of mind that there is somewhere to turn when you want to talk things through or just express and clarify your emotions.


I hold nothing back from my 20+ years’ experience with therapeutic tools and techniques, to give you the best guidance and support possible without any fluff or nonsense – you need streamlined attention to where it matters most! 


With big life shifts come plenty of expenses and hidden costs, and I want to make this support as accessible as possible, and help avoid expensive mistakes by maintaining clarity and focus on what matters to you most.


The investment is one payment of £795.


Get the support you need now, for potentially lifelong returns.

Some recent words from people who
have experienced Shifting Seasons:

Deep, gentle understanding…

Catherine, you combine this deep, gentle understanding of the human condition with a kind of uncanny laser-focused concentration that knows exactly when to hit the nail on the head at just the right time with a perfectly placed question or statement.

Rare are those who offer both the subtle wisdom of the souls’ tender needs and still possess the discipline to keep it focused on the often uncomfortable though critical path of accountability. You have this power in your work.


Highly recommend!
“Catherine Blackwood is professional, thoughtful, intuitive and creates clarity where there was concern. She is clearly experienced and excellent at what she does, and I love that she was educational as well. I often found myself thinking about what she said for days later. Highly recommend!”