Weekly tales of wisdom and guided practices to connect you with your true self

Life lessons – Make regular room for personal growth and uncover the potential in your deepest emotions.  

Includes a powerful reflection on these rich and often humorous life experiences, with carefully selected questions for you to ponder or bring into your journaling.

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“I notice so much in your stories, just unreal, but learning more and more every day.”
“Love your email. Enjoyable reads, and can very much relate to many words and situations. Much love.”
“Hi Catherine, just a quick email to let you know… it’s a huge relief to find a community where being so called ‘sensitive’ is not a crime. I hugely appreciate your insights.”
“Thank you so much Catherine for today’s weekly email! So inspirational and right what I’m needing to hear right now. This was about trashing your dreams over others’ incorrect perceptions, and coming out of that ❤️❤️❤️”
“Just read your newsletter, very informative and it all makes sense 🙏 helping my hurt soul healing again. Thank you Catherine.”
“Catherine, I’ve just signed up as I love to read your writing. Thank you.”