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Trusting vs Doubt – Catherine Blackwood

When we get caught up in how things ‘should’ be, we often become blind to the way things actually are. By that, I mean we resist reality as we’re trying to bend it to fit the shape we have in mind for it. And it always wants to ping back again when we’re too exhausted to hold it together, right?

Sometimes, we need to relax and step into trust. Trusting that life is for us, not against us. That we are exactly where we need to be, for whatever unseen reason. From here, we can receive the guidance and wisdom to move forward, going with the flow of life rather than fighting against it.

And yet I marvel at the ways I manage to make my life difficult sometimes. I have repeatedly received all the signs I need, confirming the importance of being outside in nature with my clients, and still I was hesitating to go all in (or out, in this case). I could hear in my head the little comments of not liking the cold or rain or hills or bright sunlight. I even pondered renting a room for the winter months.

But then it dawned on me that those people are not my tribe! It’s perhaps not their time to be connecting with nature in all its variety. They are at a point in their journey where they need comfort and predictability, and that’s fine. We all need those things sometimes.

I’m excited to work with people who love the world outside their walls. Those who can connect better with themselves by witnessing the beauty of nature and seeing their own reflected back. Those who are sensitive to their environment, and open to receiving the support from Mother Nature beneath their feet. People who delight in the hidden meaning of a tree laden with fruits or the particular shape of a cloud in the sky.

I finally accepted I need to trust in my vision. For the right people, this is a golden opportunity to do therapy in a far more layered and powerful way. It’s not just about getting the extra sunlight in winter or harnessing the left- and right-brain connections with walking (although these are valuable in themselves). It’s also about striding out through space and time, being right in amongst the changing landscapes and seasons, and feeling that same rhythm and potential flowing through your limbs and lungs and life.

That night, I slept soundly, trusting my path ahead was correct. During this time, a beautiful message winged its way to me from a friend and business coach on the other side of the world. Waking up to those words of confirmation, I smiled at how the universe works.

A big thank you to Casey Lightbody for being the intuitive, empathic person she is, for whom distance is no obstacle to her ability to connect and serve. To enjoy some of her wisdom, I urge you to check out her website at